The Hikers recontextualizes the photo archive of a family member that has passed. Feeling both the regret of unasked questions and the confidence of a kindred spirit, images have been selected that together form a vision of an empowered and intimately connected group of queer women. Could it be that in the emulsifying wilds of Wisconsin these women found the same break from normativity that I would seek out 70 years later? To make my own viewership visible- to honor this potential history- I have rephotographed myself and my former partner to implant the likeness and flesh of our own intimacy into the existing archive of my great aunt's cohort. Inserting myself as various figures throughout this collection of images implies a simultaneity of my own viewership as part or whole, subject, companion, and voyeur. This blurred authorial identification describes a queering flux in projection that viewers cycle through as they encounter texts within which they seek to understand their own selves.